Sunday, April 23, 2017

New chapter


Tanggal 20.4.2017 I have officially step down from  AmBank after almost 7 years of remarkable journey of my career.

To come with this decision, I have gave it deep details and rational thought about it. 

So what you do now? My answer will be 

"Everything that it takes to become a better muslimah, wife, mommy, daughter & community"

In other word, I would love to be called as Working At Home Mom instead of 'tak kerja', and 'jaga anak je'.

For me to jump into this position, actually banyak benda jugak yang cross into my  consideration. Ada yang negative ada yang positive. 

Nak kata my husband is so kaya well employed and super rich bread winner pun tidaklah jugak. Now kitaorang just stand with "Biarlah tak mewah asal susah senang sama2". We hope to end our long distance relationship so soon after 1 year plus. PJJ is really not easy to us. 

Hence, I hope boleh update my blog consistently sharing my WAHM routine. 

"Every journey has a tunnel. No matter how dark or thick the barriers we might face, there always be a light at the end of it" 

Semoga Allah mudahkan perjalanan ini.

Mak Dena & Lili.

Mak yang berhenti kerja untuk memberi tumpuan kepada keluarga kecilnya.

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